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Special Dog Patè Chicken & Rice (Puppy)

Weight: 400g

Paté premium in alutrays with chicken and turkey, ideal for daily diet of all breeds puppies. Steam cooked, without preservatives and added sugar.

Nutritional Information

Meat and meat-by-products 80% (of which chicken 20%), cereals (rice 4,2%), minerals, vitamins.

Moisture 80%, Raw Proteins 8,5%, Raw Fats 6%, Raw Fibres 0,5%, Raw Ashes 1,8%.

Vit. A 2500 U.I./Kg, Vit. D3 250 U.I./Kg, Vit. E (alpha-tocopherol 91%), 10 mg/Kg.

For a small size dog feed 400 grams of product for every meal. To be served at room temperature, or warmed. Keep in refrigerator after opening. Do not give the product too cold. Always leave fresh and clean water available to the animal.

Feeding Guidelines

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