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“Your Cat’s Ultimate Choice”


I’m super delighted to be an official brand ambassador of Feline Fresh! Of all my daily necessities, this is one of the most important ones – I think all of my furriends would agree on this. Good kitty litter isn’t just a joy for me, but for my humans as well! I’m not sure why they’re so happy with it, to be honest. They don’t seem to be interested in using it themselves.

They usually talk about things like wonderful odor absorption, great scents, and effective clumping. I really don’t know what they are on about. All I do know is that it feels wonderful on my pawsies and it really does leave me feeling fresh, energized, and ready to take on the busy day ahead of me.

Feline Fresh is a clumping bentonite litter which makes it easy for the humans to clean my litter box. (I’ve tried other brands before that were non clumping or were made out of silica. I really didn’t enjoy these very much because it made my litter box messy and my humans complained about the “odor” thing again…*sigh*. Feline fresh has been my loyal and trusted brand for the last 2 years of my 2.5 years existence and it will definitely stay that way in the future. 🙂

This pawsome kitty litter comes in 2 different sizes. You can choose between a 5L or 10L bags. You can order Feline Fresh here.

Check them out on Instagram as well.

And feel free to get in touch. I’ve instructed my humans to make sure to answer any questions you might have. They would have probably done it anyway, but I thought I’d make sure. I love them dearly but they can be a little slow picking up instructions sometimes.

You can choose between 4 different kinds of scents:

– Lavander

– Apple

– Baby Powder

– Ocean Fresh

My humans’ favorites are Ocean Fresh and Baby Powder but the other ones are really good, too. It’s just a personal preference, like your human’s choice of perfume, they say.  Personally, I love all of these. I’m not as picky as my humans when it comes to this scent thing.

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Just when I thought that feline fresh wouldn’t be any better, I discovered this scent! It’s more clumping compared to the apple scent one 🙂 it’s also more fragrant  Nakakabawas ng baho ng littersand kasi mabango talaga sya 😂

I’ll be more than happy to try other brands but for now, I’ll stick to this 🙂Hoooraaaay for meeeh. Available na daw sya in cartimar and Pet shops.

And since I’ve tried and tested this one, I am considering to resell these for sure ❤️ But i can only accomodate buyers within metro manila. Any thoughts?

What are your litter brands?



“Quick clumping sya maganda at di maamoy at mura pa. Yung 10 L bag 7-10 days ko nagagamit for 9 cats. I consumed 4 bags in a month. Naka pet fountain pa ko ha. Isipin mo Yung wiwi nila di ba.” Richard said in one of his comments in his post.



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